Amanda at I am Baker is a wizard in the kitchen. I don't know how I found her blog--I don't know how I find any blogs to be honest. I have lost hours--DAYS--just clicking around from one talented blogger to the next. But I have been following her blog for a while now--she has all these amazing tutorials on her site, like this one for a gorgeous rose cake, and she is probably best known for the cakes she makes that have a design on the INSIDE--like this one. Wizardry.

When I read that she was looking for bakers to volunteer to send a gift of baked goods to someone deserving, I was all over that! I like to bake and make people feel good and stuff, right? This is her second year organizing what she calls Desserts for the Deserving. This year, 170 bakers are sending out treats to someone who has been nominated. 

I was matched up with a woman who has been dealing with some health issues and has been in a rehab facility for some time. Her daughter thought that getting a little treat in the mail would brighten her day. I have been going through some of the same issues with my dad lately so I was thrilled to have the chance to cheer her up, if only a little. 

Here are the cookies I sent last week:

My recipient is a retired Postmaster, so I thought she might like some stamp and letter cookies in bright, cheery colors.



Natalie J. Vandenberghe
07/12/2012 2:43am

Thank you again for volunteering your time and services. We were so impressed with these adorable cookies. The postage stamps and envelopes were perfect! We also loved the colorful flowers, butterflies, and miniature hearts. You did a wonderful job creating delicious cookies for my Mom. We appreciate your well-wishes and generosity!

07/12/2012 1:37pm

Love these! And love that Natalie loved them too!! Such a wonderful thing you have done. Thank you!

07/20/2012 1:47am

These are stunning! Love how much hard work and thought you put into these!


I’m visiting your website first time and I must say that you are doing great. Your hand made envelops, cookies, stamps, flowers, all of them are looking so beautiful and giving them a natural way. You should keep posting such creative stuff more.

03/26/2016 3:10pm

Pretty sweets you've created! Are you still doing this?

04/28/2016 11:16am

I dont like such deserts personally. I prefer the natural one.

05/30/2016 2:52am

Very nice and I guess tasty desserts!

06/15/2016 6:09am

Do you deserve a desert?)

09/13/2016 4:52am

This is how a real cakes should be made! You get it guys!


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11/13/2016 12:57pm

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